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Naturopathic doctors have extensive education to treat both acute and chronic health problems. Learn valuable information on health conditions affecting you and your community.

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Want to meet like-minded people in your community and learn about tools to enhance your health? Explore local health events sponsored or hosted by licensed naturopathic doctors in your area.

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Stay up to date with how naturopathic medicine is changing people’s lives for the better and learn what NDs are doing to get and keep people well.

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Avoid harmful exposure to toxins that create an unnecessary burden on our bodies and the world. Find resources on air, water, and food quality now.

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Become a naturopathic advocate. Stay current on California legislation to improve access to naturopathic medicine.

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Help promote natural health in your California community by donating to the Foundations of Natural Health 501(c)(3).

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Your naturopathic doctor will then create and discuss an individualized treatment plan for you and schedule a follow-up visit two to four weeks later to evaluate progress and review the results of any new lab tests. The frequency of future visits will be scheduled as needed on an individual basis.

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More About Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic doctors are primary care doctors that focus on getting to the root cause of disease. Learn more about how naturopathic care and principles can support many different health concerns.

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