Led by California’s own Dr. Natiya Guin, ND, this meditation speaks to one of parenting’s most discussed issues — sleep. Let this licensed naturopathic doctor and yoga pro bring you this soothing, peaceful video to help guide your little ones to sleep.

Guiding children (and children at heart) into restful sleep. By Doctor and mindful mom of 3. *Please DO NOT listen to while driving*

Natiya Guin, ND, MEd

A mother of three herself, Dr. Natiya uses her medical background as a Naturopathic Doctor and expertise in photography and art therapy, Natiya Guin offers her clients the bridge between the duality of the medical and creative arts world. With the knowledge of the body and movement as a yoga teacher, the inherent wisdom of how to treat the root causes of health obstacles as a naturopathic doctor, and the creative, healing eye of a photographer and art therapist.