Articulate, passionate and humorous, Dr. Holly Lucille, ND breaks down the myths and misconceptions about health and health related topics. This episode is part of the Dr. Holly’s Mindful Medicine podcast as has been reshared with permission.

Many women try to be everything to everyone, and self-care becomes an afterthought. They fall into a pattern of constantly living in survival mode, where hormone and stress levels are elevated. The result is reduced cognitive function, poor memory, low energy, irregular periods, and disrupted sleep.

Essential oils offer a safe, natural way to disrupt the survival response and balance your body’s hormones. Essential oils can lower cortisol levels in your brain, which improves memory and cognitive functions and lowers stress levels. It also lowers your blood pressure and gives your body a boost of natural energy.  

Listen as Dr. Mariza Snyder joins Dr. Holly Lucille in this encore episode from 1/29/19 to discuss how essential oils can balance your hormones, improve cognitive function, curb cravings, and even eliminate morning sickness and hot flashes.