Elissa Nesheim is a watercolor landscape painter with her BA in art from Black Hills State University. After growing up on the edge of the Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota, where she spent her childhood hiking and exploring the wide open spaces, she moved to California in 2010. Elissa lives in South Valley and enjoys exploring the Bay Area’s wide breadth of natural open spaces.

As a self-proclaimed “landscape interpreter”, Elissa invites you to take another look at landscapes through her lens of distilled emotional connection to location. By presenting a minimal, sometimes dream-like, rendering of the natural world her watercolor landscapes straddle the line between memory and specific place. Making a mental fusion of places from her personal memories, photos taken and imagined locales she collages a new idyllic place that gives both the comfort of the familiar and the excitement of a paradise long sought. 

Elissa Nesheim’s watercolor landscapes are internationally collected by both public and private folks, institutions and publications. Her work can be found at numerous locations throughout the Bay Area.

Find Elissa Sue online and on Instagram.

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