Just in time for the official kick-off of summer!

The team at Realize a Healthy California has teamed up with Dr. Natiya Guin, ND to share this fantastic giveaway with our community. Sign up now and share with friends, we’ll be selecting a winner at the summer solstice☀ Created while pregnant and in medical school, Dr. Natiya developed this line of skincare to help her then-infant daughter suffering from eczema.

Created by a Mom and Doctor, inspired by Grace.

Working in the health industry for years both as a joyful participant and a skilled photographer, Dr. Natiya had witnessed the struggle to find safe and natural skin care products that matched with a healthy lifestyle, not those filled with toxic chemicals. Not willing to settle for anything but safe and gentle, healing ingredients for her daughter she chose to develop her own line to meet her high standards. Amazing Grace Skincare products follow the EWG guidelines along with European standards than ban over 1,500 ingredients that are harmful or questionable and that the United States currently allows.  Quality should never be a compromise.

Register now, or try this new skincare line developed by a licensed naturopathic doctor now at Amazing Grace Skincare.

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