An online natural health fair.

  • Who: 20 licensed NDs and counting, patient experience, and natural health experts.
  • What: A virtual event taking place over 4 weeks in October with both online and offline activities. We’re focusing on both the medicine and the tools patients need to follow their NDs advice.
  • When: October 4th – 31st
  • Where: Online at Realize a Healthy California. Complete the email signup and you’ll be sent weekly passcodes to unlock exclusive content.
  • Why: Health isn’t just individual, it’s social. By creating opportunities to read, learn, and join together we can support the health efforts of our community in California and beyond to the rest of the U.S.
  • How: Click the link to get your FREE ticket. Check for updates in your inbox.

*Note: Weekly links will go live as the event begins.

Ticket donations support the Foundation for Natural Health 501(c)(3) in supporting awareness of naturopathic medicine through public information and education.

Live Doctor Panels

  • Does turmeric cure everything?
  • Can you eat garlic too often?
  • Is elderberry safe?
  • How can you identify the right botanicals and nutritional supplements?
  • Catch the replay in Week 1!
  • Eating the rainbow
  • Spices that promote gut health
  • How to avoid processed foods and favorite alternatives
  • Lesser-known health-boosting fruits and veggies
  • Catch the replay in Week 2!
  • How does chronic illness affect overall immunity?
  • If a condition is manageable but not curable, is there hope (or what can you do)?
  • Can naturopathic doctors work with medical specialists to customize care?

Naturopathic Community Lineup