Congratulations on taking charge of your health! We’re so glad to welcome you to October, what we like to call Naturopathic Medicine Month. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite content by industry leaders in sustainable living and natural health to celebrate our Week 1 theme: Immune Botanicals & Destressing.

So watch, read, and relax. Join in the ongoing conversations on Facebook and the Swell app to meet your fellow attendees too!

EcoParent Parenting Guide

This guide on sustainable and ethical eco-focused parenting originally appeared on EcoParent and has been republished with permission. Explore more topics at EcoParent online. Get…
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Breathing for Healing

Dr. Natiya Guin, ND and Dr. Jahaz Shine, ND want to help you promote health by relieving stress. Breath techniques are one of the simplest…
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