You did it! You’ve chosen to focus on your health for one week already. We hope you learned some great information to help support you in your health journey. This week we’ll be focusing on food — probably the best medicine you have in your own home. In our Week 2 theme: Food as Medicine we’ll share some healthy recipes as well as shopping tips.

Don’t forget that naturopathic medicine supports the whole person, as we share some great health information we just had to add too.

A Naturopathic Grocery Tour

Join us for a naturopathic doctor-led grocery store tour — your guide to promoting health and decreasing inflammation through food. Knowing we should eat healthier…
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Red Lentil Dahl

Welcome to Dr. Sally’s Kitchen, where you’ll learn how to make delicious meals with the power to heal. Meet Dr. Sally LaMont, a Naturopathic Doctor…
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EcoParent Healthy Kid Guide

This guide on sustainable and ethical eco-focused parenting originally appeared on EcoParent and has been republished with permission. Explore more topics at EcoParent online. Get your EcoParent Healthy Kid…
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Chicken Vegetable Soup

Meet Dr. Sally LaMont, a Naturopathic Doctor and Functional Medicine practitioner.  She’s here to help you if you’re struggling with fatigue, brain fog, irritable bowels,…
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