You did it! You’ve chosen to focus on your health for two weeks now. We hope you learned some great information to help support you in your health journey. This week we’ll be focusing on chronic illness — the often invisible health issues that take a toll on many minds and bodies. In our Week 3 theme: Restoration of Health we’ll focus on some inspiring health journeys, understanding common treatments, and other techniques our realize health community are taking to improve our daily life mind, body, and spirit.

As usual, we let naturopathic doctors guide us on this journey.

Part 2: The Run for Health

Prolozone Therapy and the Healing Process Today, at EVERY opportunity, and I mean, every opportunity, I walk. But, extensive walking is a recent phenomenon. Before…
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Joel: One Great Gut

Naturopathic medicine provides comprehensive care Joel was not willing to give up on his health. He experimented. He Googled. He flew across the globe for…
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